SURF FOR SURF - the links!

Rather than do a massive five-page list of links, here's just a few places to start, and what's to find there. After that you're on your own in cyberspace - but you know what they say, you're always only six clicks away from every other site on the net... 

Surfin's back again is a great Dutch internet cd-store, and a great guy too - will show up at surf gigs, to sell cd's and be cool! Site includes large list of European surf bands. You can also buy great surf cds from the states, at Zptduda and at Double Crown.

Sites with general info on surf music are reverbcentral - a great site by surf legend and  connoiseur Phil Dirt, of KFJC Radio show fame. He has tons of info, and reviews of every surf album ever made (well, almost). At Cowabunga you'll find yahoo groups on instro music, links to first wave surf greats, and, if you keep clicking in the right places, you'll find fun stuff like 60's movie posters, everything you always wanted to know about spaghetti-westerns, and a virtual Fender Jaguar guitar! Also check out surf music devotee Brian Neal's surfguitar101 - Brian's always hosting great pics and video clips of surf shows he and his wife went to, as well as other stuff, such as tabs, interviews, and more links. And you can find even more links for surf bands at

There are plenty of extended surf band link lists - see above - if you want one of those check out one of the above sites. But here's a few of the current bands we really, really, REALLY like. Really.
The Nebulas - furious raw power surf! Or rather FURIOUS RAW POWER SURF!!!!
Dick Dale - we can hardly leave out the inventor of the genre (as well as the reverb tank, heavy JBL speakers and possibly the combustion-engine), can we?
Pollo del Mar - drip, melody, and more adventurous than most in the genre.
The Bambi Molestors it's not just the name that's ultra-cool! Expect one of the most carefully arranged and well produced bands in the world.
The Surfcoasters - alien mutant reverb shredders from Japan, rockier sound than most, and plenty of chops too!
Phantom Frank - all things music from the former #1 Treble Spanker, solo projects, new and old bands, and a beautifully designed site even without the music!

No disrespect to anyone not mentioned - there are thousands of friggin' awesome surf bands out there, and the mono-tones urge you to check 'em ALL out!

Well, just go to Ebay , search for heavy flatwound fender offwaist reverb tank tube amp and JBL thingies, and buy everything that pops up!

And if you want to know more, drop us a line at