"The Mono-Tones! are a surf party of four whose goal is not to bring a revolution to the music scene, but to enjoy playing a type of instrumental rock that has withstood the test of time called surf music. Though not residing anywhere near a surf city, or even a beach, they were quickly won over by the reverberated sound of the surf guitar against a lively beat, served in small portions of two-and-a-half-minute rock and roll based instrumental songs. You can check out some of the songs they've recorded or even download the demo. Check the link page, were you can find links to some of the bands the Mono-Tones! like."

The pedigree ...
Mono-Tones! members go back. Way back. While WANNES and HANS played in a new-wave band ages ago, later joined by VINCENT because he was willing to play the drums even though he'd only played the guitar before (with HANS in an earlier experimental combo), VINCENT and WANNES launched a side project of a sixties garage outfit, for which HANS would roadie just for the ride along, since he wasn't going to play bass, since he already played bass for yet another gang of garagers, together with the then boyfriend of a former girlfriend of VINCENT, and whose bass player then already was the boyfriend of what later would become Mono-Tones! second guitar-player, LAURA, who by the way used to sing a mean tune in the rock combo 64 Chevy.

Confused? Well, sometimes it's told like this:

The Mono-Tones! all met in the late 80's in local bars in their hometown Tilburg, but, coming from a country that borders on a sea so quiet that Ken and Barbie would have a hard time finding enough surf to even body-board, it took 'em 'till '02 to discover the wonderful world of REVERBERATED INSTRUMENTAL GUITAR MUSIC. In the meantime, they did other stuff ...

The Mono-Tones! are:

Wannes and Laura: Guitars, Hans: Bass and Vincent: Drums